Anhui Lego Environmental Technology Co., LTD is located in the southern part of Dongting town,
Guangde county, where is the "hometown of bamboo in China".
Anhui Lego Environmental Technology Co., LTD has been specialized in bamboo molding press
technology research, production and sales since its establishment. It's a new environmentalindustry, take advantage of local abundant bamboo resources,the raw materials are from discardedbamboo which abandoned by forest farmers. Relying on well-equipped mechanical equipment andadvanced technology, annual output could reach 500,000pcs with a total output value of more than 30million yuan,what covers a variety of environmentally friendly molding pressed pallets.
Innovative and environmentally friendly concept coupled with excellent materials and reliable
quality, and could process according to customer requirements, make our products very competitive.
The company always adhere to "environmental protection, integrity, innovation, win-win," as
the enterprise goal, "recycling, build a better world" as the enterprise vision, to develop and grow
together with domestic and foreign customers!

The local bamboo resources are aboundant,but bamboo industries have developedslowly, declined, or even stagnated in recent years. The income of bamboo farmershas plummeted. The mountains are full of discarded bamboo branches,dead bamboo,and fallen bamboo which are deserted by farmers There is a serious risk of fire.Thebamboo industry is in urgent need of transformation and upgrading to look for anotherway out. The eco pressbamboo pallets make full use of waste bamboo resources,the utility rate of bamboo has reached over 95%. Turn fallen bamboo into treasureand recycle it,product eco pressbamboo pallets to replace the disposable solid woodpallets which for export. While creating economic and social benefits,it also solves
ecological and environmental problems.

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